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Hello! Are you okay? I’m Gloria McCann, and today I wanted to write a blog on this Vancel gaming chair I acquired from Amazon and why I think it’s Amazon’s finest deal. The best value after shipping was $122. I’m aware that’s too much for a chair. But if you’re looking for a gamer chair or racing chair with bells and whistles

I don’t think you’ll find a better chair for this price. That’s why I made this video. Enjoy. This box arrived. Well-packed box. No issues, as everything was wrapped with plastic and bubble wrap. I didn’t film the installation. Nobody wanted to watch me twirl an Allen wrench for 15 minutes. I’ll cover installation. It’s a big improvement over my old chair.

This is a summary of everything in the box. Little. 15. You simply need the provided Allen wrench. It has a Phillips tip for two screws. Base’s good. It’s strong. I wish the wheels were racing-style wheels like the tyres, but they work OK. This is the manual. Not many stairs. 6-steps. The sixth stage is finishing a chair, so it’s really five. Just a quick glance to show how easy it is to put together

First, instal casters, gas lift, and plastic covers. Second, instal armrest and mechanism. I’ll demonstrate shortly. The chair’s screws are preinstalled but lined up. Just align the armrest, unscrew them, and screw them back in. Third, attach gas lift mechanism. Easy-peasy.

Step four, connect the backrest to the seat link. Those are merely two screws. You screw in that’s easy. Fifth, screw the covers on. Step six concludes. As shown. It’s nice when assembled. I liked the all-black. I just thought that looked pretty beautiful for me.


Show you the chair’s functionality and installation parts underneath. Gaslift. Covers. Slide. All screws were installed, including these two. Mechanism back. Just align and insert. Armrest screws. Just undo the screws, line it up, and pop it in. I’ll show you what you see on the chair. It’s simple. The footrest, what holds the footrest poles. These were already on the chair, so the footrest’s only issue is sliding. You do have to put on these little black washers at the end so that it doesn’t fall off. Reinsert it. This lever right here is how you raise and lower the chair and also how you lock and unlock the locking mechanism. This is the COVID to the side. The lower part was installed. So bolt the upper section on there. That’s that side. Backrest adjustable lever on the other side. Again, that’s installed. Just attach the top here.


Let’s discuss armrest features. However, the armrest has a slight movement. No big deal. They adjust in, out, and up. Excuse my fat finger. The only thing they don’t do is go back and forth, which is what some of the other features I’ve seen in an armrest do. But yet, you can alter them in whatever you wish. Position. Nice.

Side button. This is how you adjust them up and down. Adjustable. Various pole lengths. Not only straight up or straight down. The chair has an upper headrest and lower lumbar support cushions. I liked the USB massager in the lower pillow. It honestly feels pretty good. There are two settings on it, but they both feel pretty much the same, as far as I can tell. But they feel good.

Adjustable pillows. Back clips. So if you don’t like them, you can unclip them, do away with them, whatever you want. These straps shift the lower pillow backwards. But I like them right where they are, so I’m not going to tinker with them too much. But I think they offer a nice amount of support to the back of the chair. They don’t take up a lot of space. They’re lovely.

Recheck the front. Nice to show you the footrest real quick. Slides out. The footrest doesn’t reach the feet. Calves get more. I’ll demonstrate the backrest shortly. I think you pull this out, flip it over, and it’s still a lovely little feature. Take a look at the backrest adjustability. It’s fully adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees.

The rocking mechanism goes further. I’ll quickly demonstrate how the footrest runs through the calves. Not complete. All came that way. The complete 180. You can tip the rocking mechanism here to slumber and go beyond 180. Check that tip beyond 180. This chair now supports £300. I’m right around £200.

I won’t encourage this strategy if you’re closer to £300 or more. Footrest again. Insert it. Another view at the armrest. Slide that. Additions. This is how you do the up and down for the chair itself. Bottom lever. The single lever moves a lot. That’s it. Your chair. It’s cool. I have an Ikea Linman desk. It’s cheap so that you may have it. I think a few others would have it. But if you have that desk, you’ll be glad to hear that you can adjust this chair so that the clearance is correct under the chair within a few centimetres.


I liked that. Well, that’s the Blog. Hope you enjoyed it. This is Amazon’s finest gaming chair, so I made this Blog. As I mentioned, I’ve researched the best chair, and I genuinely think this is it. And maybe it’s the best one for you. So I’ll include all the links and all that stuff in the below.

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