PS5 sales are up 450%, leaving the Nintendo Switch in the dust

In February, the PS5 eventually overtook the Nintendo Switch as the best-selling product in Japan, surpassing it by a significant margin.

According to Famitsu(opens in new tab), sales of the PS5 had reached 366,982 units, a 457% increase from the previous year’s sales of 65,772 units, which Sony only managed to sell in February 2022. Moreover, Twitter user Genki JPN(opens in new tab) noted that more PS5 units were sold in February than in the entire first quarter of 2022.

This significant development shows that the PS5 is now the best-selling console in Japan, surpassing both Microsoft and, more impressively, the Nintendo Switch. With 221,041 sold units, The Switch came in second. Thus the competition was relatively close.

Software Struggles

According to Push Square, Sony also advanced in the best-selling software charts for the week ending February 19. (opens in new tab). The top two games on the list, Hogwarts Legacy and Wild Hearts sold 36,958 and 26,905 units. Nonetheless, this is expected given the increased sales of PS5 units and how recent both titles are.

Despite Sony securing the top two positions, Tales of Symphonia Remastered for the PS4 came in eighth and was the next closely ranked game. Apart from these three games, the Nintendo Switch dominated the software market, with Splatoon 3 and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet at the top of the heap.

Secret to success 

(Sony Interactive Entertainment provided the photo.)

While it is shocking that the PS5 has broken Nintendo’s incredible winning streak, the fact that this success has occurred now, after it was announced that the PS5 shortage in Asia was over, isn’t as shocking.

This enormous increase in sales coincides with Sony’s declaration that it has resolved the supply problems that have dogged its next-gen system internationally for so long.

At the PlayStation Partner Awards(opens in new tab), Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, informed the audience that the PS5 shortages would be rectified entirely by December 2022. Since the business might now ship next-generation consoles to “many customers in Japan and Asia” beginning “this year-end shopping season and into 2023,” his message appeared to be directed at Japanese viewers.

Hence, an increase in units available would inevitably increase to units sold. But even in the face of the Nintendo Switch, that doesn’t detract from the PS5’s phenomenal success.

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