Far Cry 5 just got a PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade, if you’ve got nothing else to play

Ubisoft released a performance patch for Far Cry 5 to mark the game’s fifth anniversary, which makes it much easier to play on modern hardware.

Far Cry 5 can be updated right now, so owners of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S can play all of the game’s modes at 60 frames per second (fps). This includes both the single-player and multiplayer parts. Even the map editor in the game has gotten a performance boost, which is nice.

Fans of the series will likely be glad to hear about the change. Especially those who were disappointed by the average Far Cry 3 Classic Edition and those who thought that Far Cry 6 didn’t add anything new to the series.

Far Cry 5 is still one of the most divisive games in the series. Many people think that the game’s setting in the American heartland is a step back from the more exotic settings of previous games.

The game’s story was also kind of boring. The main character didn’t have a voice, and the bad guys didn’t have the same impact as Far Cry 3’s crazy Vaas Montenegro or Far Cry 4’s gleefully megalomaniacal Pagan Min.

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A far cry from grace

Even though it’s always nice to see games from the last generation get free updates for the current generation to give them new life, I don’t think many people will jump at the chance to play Far Cry 5 again besides its most loyal fans. Even though I thought Far Cry 6 was a step in the right direction because of its setting and insanely fun special weapons, it still has the same problems that Far Cry 5 did, like having an open world that is too big and full of repetitive tasks.

For the next game, I’d love to see an open world that is more connected and has more meaning. For example, the survival elements in Far Cry 2 were controversial, but they made your player character feel even more vulnerable. When I was in the middle of a firefight and had to take pills to keep from getting malaria, it was scary and hard. It was a very hard game, where every win felt like it was earned and the rewards were only temporary.

Overt power fantasies like those in the later Far Cry games can be fun in some ways. With its new performance patch, Far Cry 5 will play better than ever on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Though I do hope that Ubisoft’s next Far Cry game will be very different from the last one. One that turns you into the prey instead of the hunter.

The good news is that Ubisoft may have already figured this out. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla did make some changes to its open world. It cut down on tasks that were done over and over again and gave more meaning to loot that was found. I think it would be a great way to do things in the next Far Cry game.

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